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"It is the small things that provide the greatest impact. This is true of TIP and Mr Kishore’s training. It is quite obvious that Mr Kishore has a long, varied and very valuable experience.

Furthermore, is he an excellent teacher, which is rare nowadays. His enthusiasm to share his knowledge with students is highly appreciated.

He provided very meaningful and actionable training that had an immediate improvement on the quality of my photography. Beyond that, he also shared with us some thoughts on photography and being a photographer that will guide me to new avenues and thoughts in the years to come.

A lot of the technical details can be learned from YouTube videos and online courses (which I did a lot of prior to the classes, but I felt something was missing). However, Mr Kishore’s retelling of these details, alongside his thoughts on combining the technical and artistic, can never be learned through some online courses.

In short, he is a fantastic teacher, and he has given me a viewpoint that photography is ultimately a craft: we need to combine the mundane technicalities with the artistic sensibility to craft a great image. I only hope that I can live up to his teaching and become a good craftsman. 

Rajeev J Sebastian

(Short Term course Student)

I am a retired person, whose interest in learning photography got triggered while trying to take photographs of bonsai plants that I am growing. I completed a 10-day course recently from the Institute, which I found extremely good and useful. Starting from the very basics, various aspects of photography, which I tried to learn unsuccessfully from the Internet, were explained in very simple terms. Home exercises were given after every session to further make the participants understand the concepts. There was also a good amount of hands-on training on the topics covered. The sessions were very well structured and interactive, and delivered extremely well by Mr. Kishore who, besides an award winning photographer and an acknowledged expert in the field, is also a very good teacher. For anyone wanting to learn the basics of photography, I highly recommend this Institute. 

Wg Cdr. Basil Mathew

(Short-term Course Student)

I have completed Diploma in photography and videography.

Trivandrum Institute of Photography has always believed in helping and guiding its students and it was no different during my diploma course.  The institute also provides studio facility with good equipments. Our faculty members also guided and encouraged us at each step thereby helping me throughout the course period.

Teachers are very responsible, passionate and enthusiastic in teaching, they go above and beyond to ensure that their students are well-equipped with knowledge and skills. I thank Trivandrum Institute of Photography and the faculty for putting in all the efforts to groom us and make us professionals. It was a wonderful experience.💯💯💯 

Lingesh R

(Diploma Student)

I am a diploma student at the institute and I must say it has so far been one of the best experience in my life, classes are crystal clear and so relevant to the field of photography and videography. I  never used a dslr before coming here but the way Kishore sir taught us had such a huge impact, I fell in love with photography and there is no looking back now. Others please give this place a shot of you're foreseeing a future in photography or if you want to learn it as a hobby, the institute's vacation classes are also brilliant. Can't thank you enough. You are my real life hero now Kishore sir. Please keep moulding great photographers for the future, I've never been happier. 

Indrajith K 

(Diploma Student)

I first joined this course a few months ago and the transformation has been immense, beyond comprehension, like everything went uphill since then. I had owned a DSLR camera for half a decade and I just realized I didn't know a pinch of photography as I walked into this academy. The integrated theory and practical classes give you an all round approach towards clicking pictures from the very basics. Discussing and brainstorming almost everyday after the initial few weeks have been quite crucial in developing this must-have experience. I have been here and done this and this is what I have to say. Thanks to all who have been with me through this road. 

Amol Madhu

(Diploma Student)

I took this course to learn how to take better photos, and I learned a lot more from this . Starting this course I was a beginner . Now  I understand  what a DSLR and how to handle it  . This course helped me to take better images, and look for the image that I want and will adjust my setting accordingly.

Instead of theoretical explanations the practical exercises were equally good . The tutor answered all of my questions and always encouraged me and was prompt in returning my postings. I would recommend this institute  to anyone who has a passion for photography. 

Sudeesh K

(Short-term Course Student)

I was a photographer who owned an SLR and clicked pictures only in auto mode. But my crash course in TIP for 10 days helped me learn the tips and tricks of the art. Award winning photographer Mr. Kishore Kumar is a great teacher who shares his experience in all of his classes. The sessions were worth the money and time. Great experience. Thank you TIP for helping me click great pictures in manual mode. 

Dr Anoop Prathapan


I am doing diploma in photography and videography in Trivandrum institute of photography. I learned lot of new things about photography and camera. This institute also provides studio facility with good equipments. Our faculty members also guided and encouraged us at each step thereby helping me throughout the course period and big thanks to kishor kumar sir, pramod sir and Anju miss.I highly recommend this institute for those who love photography. I am so happy to be a part of TIP. Thank you so much✨️ 

Silpa Sisil

(Diploma Student)

I had done a Diploma in Photography course in TIP. The faculties are too good to train their students from scratch in a very minimum time. I am completely satisfied with their training program and practical's. One of the best parts of TIP is that there is no gap between the faculties and the students. They are always with us to solve the issues and doubts.  So I was happy to be a part of TIP. 


(Diploma Student)

I am TIP student. I learned lot of new things about camera and how to capture. The institute also provides studio facility with good equipments. One best institutes in kerala to learn about photography. Kishore sir and promodh sir are the best and were easily understood with clear instruction. Especially thanks to Anju miss🙏🏿. 

Anand Sanju

(Diploma Student)

" Trivandrum Institute of photography " One of the Best Photography institute in kerala. I Just came to completion stage of Diploma in Photography at

" Trivandrum institute of photography and it has been an incredible experience. My photography has improved a lot. I feel more confident. Thank You very much TIP and our photography teacher

Mr. Kishore Kumar Sir One of the Best photographer in India. Friends  You like to study photography just go ahead and study this course at the end of the course you really can start own you Carrier. It's my Promise  

VRK Creativity Official

(Diploma Student)

This course was great! I did the Full Day Intermediate course and loved it. I literally went without knowing how my camera worked. I left knowing so much more about how to use the manual features and with a lens that worked again. I'd definitely recommend this course to anyone who's looking to get to know their camera more and also those wanted to learn some great techniques. Kishor sir  was a well known  teacher too and made it fun as well as informative. 


(Diploma Student)

This institution become another home for me , best teachers, best facilities, good experience, and pratical learning and got a good experience in team work. Thank you for giving the best moment and experience in the field of photography.... Thank you 

Sai Govind


I am TIP student....I learned lot of new things about DSLR Camera and how to capture the creative pic. Then I learned Depth of field,Focal length etc...Now my pic's are totally changed...it's really good. I have hope I should become a good photographer



I have complete basic photography in Trivandrum Institute of Photography. Wonderful class i ever studied. I studied new lot of things about photography and camera...Thank you so much to being part of it..❤️ 



I had taken a photography class in Trivandrum institute of photography. I personally felt it was very helpful and it helped me understand more of the technical aspects of the camera and also made me aware of things that I should keep in mind while capturing a photograph. Overall I liked the experience and the classes were very informative. 

Sidharthan Prakash


It was very nice experience, through the short term course under the guidance of Kishore Sir, the importance of Observation, Prediction, Patience, Focusing, Framing and Composition was imparted to each of us who attended the course. Here we actually learned about how to take good photos (this was a new experience to me) . Lot of new things were taught and it was a wonderful experience to improve our photography skills 

Anish S Nair


It was a nice experience exploring the various segments in photography.And it was fun and I tried to observe our surroundings thoroughly because of this course.If you are interested to upgrade your skills then go for it. 

Adithyan A S