Short-Term Course in Photography


Basic course for the Beginners

Course duration: 20 Hrs

Beginner Photography Course 

Our Short Term Course Will Help You Master the Fundamentals of Composition, Lighting, and Editing. As a seasoned photographer, we can assure you that this course will elevate your photography skills and unlock your potential behind the lens. Join Today and Let's Capture the Beauty of Life Together.

Course Syllabus

Session 1: Introduction to Photography

Session 2: Types of Camera and Understanding DSLR

Session 3: Shutter Speed and Its Various Effects

Session 4: Learning Aperture and Depth of Field

Session 5: Exposure Parameters SS, AP, and ISO

Session 6: Types of Lens and Their Usage

Session 7: Understanding Framing and Composition

Session 8: White Balance and Color Temperature

Session 9: Flash Photography

Session 10: Lighting and its Effects and Different Types of Lighting

Who can benefit from this course?