Vacation Class in Photography

Learn Photography and Enjoy the Vacation

Course duration: 1 Month

Course Overview

        This course is designed for students to the basic functions of the digital SLR with the intention of weaning them away from the 'auto' setting towards gaining full control of the camera and increasing their proficiency and creativity.

       During the course, you will learn not only about the technical aspects of digital photography such as adjusting camera settings, but you will also gain an appreciation of the composition and photographic skills necessary to shoot. Students will be allowed to go outside of the classroom to shoot assignments based on what they are learning. 

          This course is ideal for school students, from complete beginners to those already self-taught with cameras and digital technology. As an art course, you will be assessed not by tests or writing papers but mainly by your visual work. Your ability to grow in the medium, try on new ideas, learn to communicate using the language of this medium, to appreciate ideas and trends in historical as well as contemporary photographic art will all contribute to your grade.

Course Syllabus:

Ø History of Photography.

Ø Understanding your DSLR and its various function.

Ø Shutter speed and its various effect.

Ø Aperture and its various effect.

Ø Understanding Depth of field and how to control it.

Ø Exposure Triangle.

Ø Understanding Camera specification.

Ø Using metering modes.

Ø Composition of various pictures and its various rules.

Ø Understanding  latitude

Ø Shooting in RAW mode.

Ø Basic processing of RAW pictures. 

Who can benefit from this course?