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Media & Entertainment Skills Council (MESC) is an industry-led organization dedicated to the development and standardization of skill-based training in the media and entertainment sector. Initially funded by National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) & incubated at FICCI, MESC works as a a skilling arm under Ministry of Skills Development & Entrepreneurship. MESC closely works with various stakeholders including industry professionals, educational institutions, and the government to bridge the skill gaps and foster the growth of the industry. 

At our institute, we believe in learning by doing. That's why our teaching style is all about getting your hands on the camera and diving into real-world projects. You won't just be studying theory; you'll be out there, working on actual assignments alongside seasoned pros from the industry. 

Explore the best Government photography courses in Kerala at Trivandrum Institute of Photography. Join us to learn from experienced professionals and enhance your photography skills. Start your exciting journey with us now. Enroll today, and let's take that exciting first step together towards a rewarding career behind the lens. 📸💫  Read More

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Step into our blog corner, where we're all about immersing ourselves in the fascinating realm of photography. Expect insightful reads, handy tips, and heartwarming stories that'll ignite your love for freezing moments in time. 

Dive into the freshest trends, practical tricks, and cutting-edge tech that'll supercharge your photography skills and set your creativity soaring. Ready to embark on this visual journey with us? Let's explore the world of photography together. 📸🌟  Read More

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