Diploma in videography

Module 1: 

Introduction to videography. History of Television and video.Basic of electronics & Video technology.   

Module 2:    

Light: Basic principles  and the phenomenon of Light ( Wavelength, frequency...), Additive &subtractive colour, colour temperature, photoelectric effect, Chemical property, colour reproduction, Colour vision e.t.c

Module 3:     

Optics:  types of lenses, comparison of the lens,  types of lenses, uses of the lens in various angle e.t.c

Module 4:     

Camera: Exposure and basic Camera controls, light identification, Other main  features in Camera, Menu and profile setting, contrast/gamma, white balance, depth of field and depth of focus, Image reproduction, Image qulity,  Different types of camera, camera accessories, Filters and their use, filter factor etc.

Module 5:   

Composition & Framing: frame composing Basic shots, camera position & angle, aspect ratio, camera movements, Rule of thirds, video making and airing, Visual elements, Usage of close up etc.

Module 6:      

Lighting: Basic nature and classification of the light. The techniques of lighting and controlling light, understanding lighting ratio, different types of light.

1: Introduction to various technical features of camera and their effective usage- (Exposure controls, White balance, focusing etc)

2:Basic Shot division (ELS – ECU) & Camera movements

3: Framing &Composition - camera position & angle, effective usage of lens/FL, Depth of field and creating depth of field effect, Perspective etc.

4: Different types of shots-OSS/OTS, SS, Subjective shots etc &movements

5: Lighting- Indoor sets, Matching indoor &outdoor

6:Structuring a scene through images

7:Shooting for continuity

8:Editing practices

9:Completing Project.