Basic photography course

Beginner Photography Course Overview

An introduction to the basic concepts of photography with a thorough focus on you and your camera

  • Know Your Camera - The basics of settings and modes, and tips on how to use them effectively
  • Master basic composition - Make, as opposed to take, great photographs
  • See the world differently - The interaction of light and shadow
  • Get results - Shoot landscape, portraits, and action shots with confidence

Beginner Photography Course Details

  • History of Photography.
  • Shutter speed and its various effect.
  • Aperture and its various effect.
  • Understanding Depth of field and how to control it.
  • Exposure by balancing shutter speed, aperture and ISO 
  • Understanding the Camera specification.
  • Using metering modes.
  • Composition of various pictures and its various rules.
  • Understanding film latitude
  • Shooting in RAW mode and  processing of RAW pictures.
  • Adjustment of picture using Photoshop.
  • Enhancement of pictures. 

Who Enrolls in this Course?

  • People who just got a new camera and want to get the most out of it
  • People who are new to photography and looking for help
  • The family photographer who wants to capture memories of children and family trips
  • People who have been taking photos for years and just want to get better